Frequently Asked Questions

Can I walk after the treatment?
-Yes, you can walk more or less immediately after the treatment.

Can I drive a car directly after the treatment?
-Yes, the patient doesn’t have to take a taxi home or to work.

Can I fly after the treatment?
-Yes, you can take shorter flights (less than six hours) after the treatment. It is not recommended to plan longer trips within 2-3 weeks after the treatment.

Can I go to work?
-Yes, most people can work directly after the treatment.

Can I exercise?
-It is best to wait one week before taking part in strenuous exercise. It is also recommended not to take sauna or steam bath during the first week after treatment.

Can I use the method if I am pregnant?
-It is recommended that you wait around four months after childbirth before getting treatment.

I have previously had surgery for varicose veins, but they have returned. Can I use the foam method?
-Yes, it is the best treatment, as you can see exactly where the varicose veins have arisen and treat them accordingly.

I have previously received traditional injections, but the varicose veins have returned. Can I benefit from foam injections?
-Yes, it is much more efficient. You can inject foam into every varicose veins, both the shallow veins and the deeper ones. Therefore, it works better than fluid injections.